Andoni Aduriz

Andoni Luis Aduriz is perhaps the most interesting, as well as the number three chef in the world. For a chef who has two research scient...
Donostia-san Sebastián, Spain


david carey said:

  • Aduriz epitomizes the farm-to-table movement, using vegetables from his garden, fresh farmers' milk, forest-picked mushrooms, and local spring water.
  • During El Bulli's last days, when Ferran Adria was asked who would become the best chef in the world, he named Andoni Aduriz after his brother Albert.
  • Aduriz's food transcends molecular gastronomy tricks, creating true works of art that strive to blend complex techniques seamlessly into every dish.

bobby anderson said:

  • Part botanist, part poet, part mad scientist, Aduriz famously studied the molecular structure of liver to reinvent the texture of foie gras.
  • Instead of serving wine with dinner, he boldly served water infusions made with pure crystalline water from a disappearing treasured local spring.
  • He worked with botanists to learn which plants near the restaurant were edible, inspiring new dishes that include wild flowers, herbs, and leaves.

danielle roberts said:

  • At the start of the meal, two envelopes are presented, inviting you to either ''submit'' or ''rebel'', encouraging diners surrender to the experience.
  • He made dramatic films of his new dishes: a dessert that looks like rusty nails, and a savory macaron with pig blood meringue and duck liver filling.
  • He makes the dining experience fun. His trademark dish "Edible Stones" are potatoes baked in gray clay, tricking you into thinking they are stones.

Michele Vie said:

  • Beauty, innovation, yum

Sasa James said:

  • 10

ramesh star said:

  • Looks delicious